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PikoMat HF-2200 - the highest European quality, unparallel stability in operation.
Usage of our high-class machines gives excellent quilting results on almost any kind of materials.
PikoMat Quilting Machines - quality, durability, versality, best performance.
Professional advisory regarding effective patterns selection.
PikoMat HF and HFE - individual solutions, worked out in smallest details.
Quilting machines PikoMat - European precision / the latest technologies.


We offer the best ultrasonic quilting machines on the market (high frequency welding machines) PikoMat HF-2200, having no comparison with commonly available chimeric and unstable serial Chinese machines.

PikoMat HF-2200 makes the flagship effect of many years of our experience and work done to achieve the ultrasonic quilting machine of durable construction and totally stable in operation. Perfectly designed and tuned machine's electronics provide unparalleled durability and stability at work.

PikoMat HF-2200 makes enough proven and refined design, that without the slightest fear we give you full one year warranty on all parts of the machine (also normally wearing during normal operation - as horns, rolers, generators, transducers).

Ultrasonic quilting machine PikoMat HF of standard working width 2200mm we can also offer in narrow version - 1600mm, codenamed Pikomat HF-1600.

High frequency welding machines are the devices in which the pattern is formed by die-pressing with so-called pattern roller. In standard our machines are supplied with two pattern rollers with patterns selected / chosen by Buyer. We provide a full advisory regarding proper (working) patterns selection.

The efficiency of these machines is several times higher than in the case of thread multineedle quilting machines. Together with the lack of need of threads application the high efficiency of PikoMat ultrasonic quilting machines allows to get a relatively low price of the service / product - in conjunction with the product's highest quality (no thread breaks, corners' convergence problems and the like).

We also ensured the highest possible comfort of work which has a clear influence on the machine's efficiency, and hence the high rate of return of your investment. Ultrasonic quilting machines PikoMat are the machines of a highest possible degree of labour comfort. Even the exchange of heavy (250 kg) pattern roller can be done easily be one person - using serially installed electrical hoist.

To our Customers, we also offer full technical support (advice / training) and a comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service. However in case of PikoMat HF-2200 1600) after first training - substantially all of the needed factory service is limited to seldom telephone or email counseling. Apart of details which can be easily corrected yourself PikoMat HF machines require no factory service maintenance.

We avoid servicing of serial Chinese ultrasonic quilting machines because - apart of very few exceptions - they are impossible to be adjusted correctly and in fact they need professional service several times a week..

Because of market's interest in cheaper machines we recently introduced to our offer next ultrasonic quilting machine's model in "economic" version - PikoMat HFE-1600 - with our own patented more functional no-gantry hoist frame. PikoMat HFE-1600 makes a reasonable alternative to bad working Chinese machines. Our assumption was to design a machine in simplified version (in comparison to HF models), however designed in accordance with our huge experience and providing the required operational stability and labour comfort.

We are always at your disposal in case of any further questions.

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