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PikoMat L2-96 - European quality, reliable technical support, professional service.
PikoMat L2-96 - the most popular model of lockstitch multineedle quilting machine.
PikoMat L2-96 - typical solutions and tailored to the individual / special needs of our Clients.
PikoMat L2-96 - versatile usage, extensive facilities for precise high-quality quilting of all kinds of materials.


Lockstitch (with shuttles) quilting machines make the most popular type of multineedle quilting machines. According to our own estimates, they represent over 90% of quilting machines in service. The next few percent make single-needle and chainstitch multineedle machines.

The reason of the popularity of these machines is their high versatility and price - lower than for chainstitch machines.

Advanced technologically, built with carefully selected materials to ensure durability and exceptional stability at work quilting machines PikoMat make a definitely concrete position on the market: European design, modern look, best performance... In our machines we implemented the best technical solutions that we find interesting in models of the leading European manufacturers and next verified / confirmed practically during many years of our practical and service adventure with quilting machines.

Deciding to buy PikoMat quilting machine apart of perfectly working device you get together our knowledge and experience. In most cases, professional technical support and possibility of obtaining practical advice when needed make the second half of your success.

The lockstitch machines we offer in all working widths, generally from 160cm to 300 cm, however the contemporary's market real requirements are focused almost exclusively on the width of about 240 cm.

The above makes PikoMat L2-96 (working width: 96 inches = 244 cm) our flagship and definitely the best-selling lockstitch model. This high performance durable machine has been designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

For your comfort and our offer's clarity all of our machines are delivered completely equipped - to avoid further operational problems, or dilemmas related to the selection of necessary machines' elements in case of Buyers with no experience in the quilting machines usage. Therefore, if you need a reliable in operation, durable and proven well working quilting machine with the full set of required functions and instrumentation serially installed - PikoMat L2-96 (or 3 needle rows' version: PIKOMAT L3-96) makes the best, comprehensive solution that will meet all your real needs, without pushing you to make complex decisions related to your machine's optimal configuration.

In case of any further questions do not hesitate to contact us freely. We are always at your disposal.

No VAT tax (0%) for Buyers from European Union countries (intra-Community acquisition of goods).