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PikoMat SX2-C3-94
PikoMat chainstitch machines - a professional solution for efficient and stable production.
PikoMat SX-C3-94 - high-class chainstitch multineedle quilting machine.
PikoMat C3-90 and PikoMat C3-100 - popular chainstitch multineedle quilting machines. Good class, best performance, very reasonable price.


In general, chainstitch multineedle quilting machines are designed for stitching large quantities of homogeneous material with rare patterns changes and using patterns of relatively low density.

A classical example of these machines application can be the production of mattresses, where relatively large quantities of materials are quilted however with infrequent patterns changes. The patterns are often scattered (bigger sizes - quilted using smaller amounts of needles / threads).

Of course this does not mean that you can not use these machines for quilting more dense patterns or zoned ones (for example: wave distanted 1 inch in mattress' central part), however, if you intend to stitch dense patterns - e.g. caro 2 x 2 cm - in short series and with frequent changes of pattern - we recommend you to consider purchase of lockstitch machine.

Below find please listed some basic differences between chainstitch and lockstitch machines:

Double chain stitch.    Double chain stitch.

These machines quilt with double chain stitch - which on the contrary to popular opinions has much less tendency for self - unstitching at the edges after cutting than in case of lock stitch. Properly tied double chain stitch does not unstitch after cutting almost at all..

The chainstitch machines we offer in all working widths, generally from 160cm to 300 cm, however the contemporary's market real requirements are focused almost exclusively on the width of about 240 cm. In standard we offer two models of wide chainstitch machines constructed in accordance with many years of our practical experience:

PikoMat SX-C3-94 makes our flagship chainstitch model. High class and best performance machine - designed to cope any tasks and satisfy even the most demanding Clients.

PikoMat C3-90 and wider PikoMat C3-100: Economically priced, very good, versatile and stable in operation machine designed for quilting all kinds of materials.

In case of any further questions do not hesitate to contact us freely. We are always at your disposal.

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